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Our Story

The Brick House Collective is passionate about supporting children, youth and adults throughout life's challenges. Our team continues to grow through our connections to colleagues who believe in the holistic wellbeing of the individual and family.


Many members of our team have a background in education and supporting children and youth in a school based environment. We are collaborative and comprehensive in our approach to assessing needs and working towards treatment goals.

Our founders, Jennifer and Chelsey, are passionate about their craft and community. Both began their careers as educators in the school system; collectively, their experience spans from pre-school to grade twelve. 


The Brick House Collective is located in the historic Old Strathcona community, in the heart of Edmonton. A visit to our home provides you with a safe and inclusive space where you can rest, reflect, and reenergize. 


Our Approach

Complex needs require integrated solutions.


We are a multi-disciplinary team that is child centered and evidence based in our work. We recognize the importance of hope, play, and community within the lives of children and youth. Exceptional, family focused service delivery is the key focus of our practice. 


Our team works from The NeuroRelational Framework which embraces the complexity of the individual, family, community, and school through understanding core factors in child brain development.


The NeuroRelational Framework promotes resilience through targeted focus on adaptive stress, responsive relationships, and understanding individual differences.

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